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Healthy Bond Eyelash Extension Adhesive - 5ml

Healthy Bond Eyelash Extension Adhesive - 5ml

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Healthy Bond by Studio Beauty

Hydroquinone FREE


With a 2-3 second drying time, this black adhesive is the safest and least irritating extension adhesive to both you and your client that's available on the market. 

A medical grade clear, liquid consistency for smooth and quick lash application



Shelf Life

If stored correctly up right and away from sunlight in a dry place (do not recommend storage inside a fridge OR inside rice) with the nozzle clean and the cap tightly on, your bottle will work at it's best for 8 weeks after opening


This adhesive features low fumes, drying time of 0.5-1 second, Latex/Formaldehyde/Carbon free, a thin viscosity, can be used for both classic and volume lash application, suitable for clients with carbon sensitivities.

Working conditions

The ideal working temperature for this adhesive is 73 degrees Fahrenheit (room temp) but also works in higher temps and humidity as low at 10% and above.


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If any product gets into the eyes, use water to flush out immediately and seek medical advice. For professional use only, keep out of reach of children.

Pro Tips

  1. Prior to application, isolate BEFORE you collect the adhesive with the extension(s). Even if you isolate in the speed of light, this is still time that your adhesive has already started crystalizing while you are holding the extension(s) with adhesive on it, will it still stick? Yes. Will it last at its best? No.
  2. Shake your bottle very well every time you are about to squeeze a new drop as ingredients tend to separate when the product is standing still for a while.
  3. Always have 2 bottles available. One to use, another as a back up- there’s nothing sillier than running out of adhesive when you are lashing for a living. You can keep the second bottle as back up away from direct light up to 4 months unopened.
  4. Retention - with proper application eyelash extensions will only shed during the natural shedding cycle.
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