Our Story

Studio Beauty By Lucy is a beauty salon based in South West Rocks along the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. Founded by owner Lucy Paynter, from opening in February 2019 from a tiny spare room in Sydney while studying and working full time to moving North and opening bigger doors in 2020. We are passionate and proud in all we do. ​Lucy has had a dream of opening a salon of her own since she was 15. Here's a little insight of her story and the background to her small business.

"Studio Beauty has really been built from the ground up, I left school when I was 15 to pursue my dream career. Whilst I completed my studies in Beauty I was lucky enough to have friends and family to practise on which I am very grateful for! Once I felt confident that my work was up to standard I began taking in clients and the rest is history... well not quite. Once I had my skills up to speed I began working out of a small spare room at my parents home in 2019 (pictured) to opening up bigger doors in 2020. I'm so proud to see how far my business has come, my passion and love for the industry has really evolved over the years. It started out as a dream to own a salon and now it's so much more than that. In mid 2020 during the COVID lockdown I began Studio Beauty's sister business and introduced an online store for professionals in 2024. During those 4 years I focused on my clients and any spare time I had was focused on my very special product line, I knew it wasn't something that could be rushed and looking back I'm glad to have taken the time to do it properly. I hope to inspire others to follow their passion even if the road is a bit rocky when you start out, and in the near future I'd like to provide more employment opportunities for young people like myself in the industry."

Studio Beauty By Lucy – Creating the best version of you